About Company

The Company SKIILFO OÜ is founded in 2017.

The main activities of the Company:

  • Organization of exhibitions and conferences
  • Information Technology

Everything from the desire – to be

The basic projects of our company are well-known and already completed events

LUXURY Temptation

LUXURY Temptation

The project was founded in 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine, with the support of the Estonian company Eesti Näituste AS.

The first International Exhibition for Millionaires took place in April 2008 in Kiev, and it had such an enormous success that no later exhibition has been able to repeat it so far. The exhibition information and news were widely covered in the Ukrainian media and in some foreign media such as the USA, Germany, Italy and Russia.



The project was founded in Estonia, Tallinn, in 2013. The first International Conference of Game Developers took place in 2013. The conference was widely covered in the media and received piles of positive responses from Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Germany, Russia and the USA. The conference was organized at the highest level and was the first ever event in the Baltic States regarding its scale and quality.
IGExpo 2025


The company SKIILFO OÜ is the founder and main developer of the DEFEST EXPO project.

The main objective of DEFEST EXPO 2024 is to bring together defense and security organizations and companies to demonstrate unity and strength in society. The cooperation of all participants will help to ensure coordination and preparedness in case of military conflicts or terrorist threats.


OKAY Expo is a universal, modular, Internet platform (UMIP) that provides services for organizing and holding events in a new format.

OKAY Expo guarantees its participants a significant increase in exhibitors as exhibitions held in offline and online modes due to integrated platform solutions.