SKIILFO OÜ offers excellent Screen Wash — Concentrate for cars. Production Belarus. Delivery conditions DAP warehouse of the buyer.

Minimum standard item of 20 tons.

Customs code 3820 00 0090.

Characteristics of Screen Wash concentrate:
The volume fraction of rectified technical ethyl alcohol is 95.3 + 1.0%.
A transparent liquid without foreign particles with a smell characteristic of rectified technical ethyl alcohol.
The Screen Wash — concentrate is denatured with the following components:
— 1% methyl ethyl ketone or tert-butyl alcohol at least 78.8 g/hl p.a.;
— 1% isopropyl alcohol;
— mass concentration of surfactant,%, not less than 0.05;
— volume fraction of denatonium benzoate (bitrex),%, not less than 0.0015;
— mass concentration of organic dye,%, not less than 0.0001.
pH of the aqueous-alcoholic solution 7.0-12.0;
Solution density, g / cm3, no more than 0.85.

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We can offer the ethyl, technical, denatured alcohol and EAF from producers of Moldova and Belarus on optimal prices.